2016 US Nationals Host Sought

USA Freestyle Kayaking is accepting bids to host the 2016 US National Whitewater Freestyle Championships!

If you, your community and organization are interested, please send a description of your interest by January 15, 2015. A decision will be made by January 30th, possibly earlier.

Please include the following in your bid:
Contact: Information for primary contacts

I. Organization: A bit about its history, its experience hosting community events and on-river events, and its familiarity with whitewater freestyle paddling.

II. Facility: The site and its environs must be able to
1) Accommodate competitors(40-75), judges and spectators with respect to viewing, on water staging and safety, and parking.
2) Offer reasonable lodging for competitors, including camping
3) Provide reliable, predictable water levels during pre-event and competition days

III. Organizing Committee: the host organization must offer
1) Use of sanctioned USAFK and ICF judging and scoring guidelines and a scoring system similar to that used at recent Worlds
2) Post results from the event online within 24 hours of the event and a follow up summary to provide feedback to USAFK what can be learned and utilized for the next Team Trials event.
3) Share or support a collaborative approach to securing sponsorship on behalf of USA Freestyle Kayaking and USA Canoe Kayak to defray costs and keep entry fees to a reasonable level
4) Provide insurance through a current policy or secured from a group such as the American Canoe Association.
5) Contribute to the event’s promotion by encouraging regional awareness of competitive freestyle paddling, and providing a window to visitors new to the area about the city and its openness to host this event.

Bids should include a description of the site and feature (photos and/or video are helpful), water level information, proposed schedule, and any other information that may aid the committee in site selection.

Additional activities suggested that will engage the community and contribute to the inspiration of paddlers of all ages about freestyle paddling as a fun, healthful, stewardship and family-oriented sport are welcome.

Please limit 2016 US Freestyle Nationals bid submissions to thee pages, and send them to risa@theshimodagroup.com.

Thank you for your interest!

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USAFK In Action!

USA Freestyle Kayaking is the governing body for the sport of freestyle kayaking in the USA, affiliated with US Canoe & Kayak (USACK). USAFK’s mission is to promote the sport of freestyle kayaking through education and competition throughout the United States. To this end USAFK maintains the official rules and regulations for the sport, sanctions events throughout the country at all skill levels (including National Championships and Team Trails), and represents the United States within the International Canoe Federation (ICF).