2014 Freestyle Nationals Results

Thank you for competing, attending, supporting and cheering!  2014 World Champions and first-time competitors paddling the feature created and maintained expertly by the NOC Pigeon Outpost staff.  Big thanks to the Head Judge Chris Wing and the volunteer judges, scribes and computational expert Lydia Cardinal; awesome announcers Brendan Orton and Paul Butler; generous NOC Events’ Zuzana Montagne and Pigeon Outpost staff Andrew, John and Joe who provided the meeting space, raft taxi service, and audio equipment; and the many family members and significant others who contributed to a super fun afternoon.

Final standings:

Jordan Poffenberger – 960
Seth Chapelle – 760
Tad Dennis – 660
Hank Hibbert – 250
Jeff Harris – 0

K1 Women, Jr.
Sage Donnelly – 480
Rowan Stuart – 400
Sierra Wainer – 170
Cat Hardman – 40
Catherine Walker – 20

K1 Men, Jr.
Hunter Katich – 1630
Bennett Smith – 1230
Miles Murphy – 580
Kenya Ingram – 510
Devon Wainer – 280

K1 Men
Mike Patterson – 1250
Tommy Yon – 1170
Matt Anger – 1050
Yonton Mehler – 870
Brad Caldwell – 300

Congratulations again to the winners, and thanks to all for your support of USA Freestyle Kayaking!

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