ICF Freestyle Judging Clinic

We are exploring the distinct possibility of holding an ICF freestyle judging clinic this summer in North America. This would allow you to judge at the Freestyle World Championships to be held next Thanksgiving in San Juan, Argentina and World Cup events in Europe the following year. New ICF rules will allow for no out of pocket expenses for judges – your travel, lodging, and food will be taken care of. You would need to be in San Juan 3 days before the competition begins (I believe). Right now the consensus seems to be for holding it on the Glenwood Wave, or back in Buena Vista at the hole the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after Team Trials and before GoPro Games – so June 5-7. This is not set in stone, yet, and is subject to the availability of an ICF Head Judge.

Please give me feedback on the date and location and let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested in becoming an ICF judge – this includes the Canadians, too. ICF judges need to submit a judging resume every year to maintain certification. I will coordinate this for the USA, share all info on these with my Canadian counterparts and try to be sure it happens so that re-attending another clinic is only necessary every several years. We especially need folks who are not competing in the major events so that they can be eligible to judge these events.

Ned Poffenberger


USAFK Committee Member

ICF Canoe Freestyle Committee Member


February 23rd, 2017|0 Comments

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