2015 US Team Trials to be held in Glenwood Springs, CO – June 8-9

The US Team Trials has returned to the fantastic wave in Glenwood Springs!

This is the 2015 Team Trials for the USA team to compete in the 2015 World Championships on Garburator Wave on the Ottawa River. More info forthcoming, but save the date and spread the world!!! Monday and Tuesday, June 8-9, are our best dates for good flows and a lack of conflicts with other events.

We know that weekday events are tough for some people to attend, but this is our best time.

Peter Benedict has graciously volunteered to be our event organizer in Glenwood Springs, and Stephen Wright is working on the event with him through USAFK. All questions, comments, volunteers should contact Peter or Stephen. Come join us for this great event!


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