NOC Spring Fling (Bryson City, NC)

Celebrate spring in the Smoky Mountains with a free, family-friendly event in the Nantahala Gorge. Don’t miss the Hometown Throwdown, a community freestyle event hosted by World Kayak, vendor fair and gear demos at NOC’s Outfitter’s Store, live music, and family-friendly activities.

Scheduled releases of the Cascades and Upper sections of the Nantahala River round out this Bryson City weekend.

Event Information

Hometown Throwdown: World Kayak presents this free, community freestyle event. Show off your moves at the 2013 Wave.
Kids Surf!: Kids of all ages and ability levels are invited to play, surf, and make friends at the Founder’s Bridge surf wave.
Vendor Fair: Meet representatives from Dagger, Liquid Logic, Pyranha, Jackson, Wilderness Systems, Bellyak, Astral, IR, Shred Ready, Werner, Accent, AT, Kokatat, NRS and Bomber Gear.
Gear Demos: Check out new hot 2015 gear with one-hour FREE DEMOS at NOC’s Outfitter’s Store: kayaks, SUPs, BellYak, select paddles and drysuits.
Cascades & Upper Nantahala Release: 250 CFS, Saturday & Sunday
Race a Pro: Beat an NOC pro paddler on a 20 second slalom or attainment course and win 20% off ANYTHING at NOC’s Outfitter’s Store.
NRC Slalom Series: Join in or watch as the Nantahala Racing Club Kicks off it’s first race of the summer slalom series. Register online here


Hometown Throwdown: Register on Saturday, 10 – 11 am @ 2013 Wave (River Left)
Race a Pro: Drop in to participate on Saturday, 11 am – 12 pm @ NOC Founder’s Bridge (River Left)
Kids Surf!: Drop in to participate on Saturday, 2 to 4 pm @ NOC Founder’s Bridge (River Left)
NRC Slalom Series: Register on Sunday 10am @ Event Tent (River Left) or Online




Friday, April 24 Time Location
2015 Event Schedule
Vendor Fair 2 – 5 pm Outfitter’s Store
Open Mic Night 5 pm Big Wesser BBQ


Saturday, April 25 Time Location
Vendor Fair & Gear Demos 10 am – 4 pm Outfitter’s Store
Hometown Throwdown
10 – 11 am 2013 Wave
Cascades Release 10 am – 4 pm Cascades
Race a Pro 11 am – 12 pm Founder’s Bridge
Hometown Throwdown
12 pm 2013 Wave
Hometown Throwdown
After Finish 2013 Wave
Kids Surf! &
Family Activities
2 – 4 pm Founder’s Bridge
Live Music: Somebody’s Child 6 pm Big Wesser BBQ


Sunday, April 26 Time Location
NRC Slalom Series 10am-4pm Bridge Gates


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