Lyons Outdoor Games (Lyons, CO)


The Lyons Outdoor Games is a premier Colorado outdoor lifestyle, adventure sport and music festival. Sitting just north of Boulder, its an easy drive to the beautiful and funky town of Lyons, Colorado.  Pop a tent Friday night with foothills views, and get out for a mountain bike ride on our world class single track in the morning. Send your kids up a climbing wall and drink craft microbrew from over 50 craft microbreweries around the country as you watch world class athletes compete in professional kayaking, dirt jumping and slacklining comps! Get in on it and sign up for this year’s Beer Relay or kick off your flip flops and jump on a slackline. Oh- and then see a national touring act while throwing down some awesome eats to satisfy your hunger! All down the road.

Last year’s floods drew the Colorado outdoor community together to host the absolute biggest Lyons Outdoor Games yet – we blew it out of the water! As we come into our 13th year now, we are ramped up and psyched to bring a more adventurous life to Colorado!


The mission of the Lyons Outdoor Games (LOG) is to raise funds and awareness for the Town of Lyons Park, Recreation and Cultural Department and to keep Lyons growing as a vibrant, unique and outdoor-oriented Colorado community. Our vision is simple: for every person to leave the Lyons Outdoor Games stoked to live a more adventurous life!

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