Jr Women

The US Jr Women’s kayak team Sage Donnelly and Darby McAdams! How many Jr women finals have you seen with Aerial Blunts and Helixes?

US C-1 Team

1 J.Poffenberger 603.33 USTEAM 2 S.Chapelle 573.33 US Team 3 D.Jackson 490 US Team 4 B.McMillan 150 US Team 5 J.Laucks 105 6 J.Amet 0

The C-1 team

1. Jordan Poffenberger – Current world Champ gets a by – US Team 2. Seth Chapelle – 573 – US team 3. Dane Jackson 490 – US Team 4. Brad McMillan – 150 – US Team 5. Jeremy Laucks – 105 6. Jake Ament


Congratulations to the US team OC-1 Results 1 Dane Jackson 160 – US Team 2 Brad McMillan 80 – US Team 3 J.Laucks 75 4 J.Poffenberger 60 Current World Champion Goes to worlds 5 J.Amet 40

US Freestyle Team Trials Final Schedule

Monday 8:15 Registration and Athlete Check in – Everyone needs to sign their waivers 9:00 Competitor Meeting at judges stand. 9:30 Registration Closes 10:00 Competition starts. The order will go OC-1 Straight to finals C-1 Straight to Finals Jr Women Preliminaries Jr Women Finals Jr Men Preliminaries Jr Men Finals Tuesday 8:30 Competitor Check in Read More…

Live Webcam @ Glenwood Wave

Here is the ‘Glenwood Wave’ where paddlers will be competing for a spot on the team. It’s located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado on the Colorado River.  Looking good!


· A Helix is now a 270 degree move not 360 · Prelims will consist of 4 non-attainable rides · JUNIORS – Minimum age to qualify for Worlds is 15.  You must turn 15 THIS year in order to qualify. · Early Registration Ends June 4th  – Register online here – https://www.racedirectorsolutions.com/EventRegistration/PersonalInformation/1375 · Onsite registration Read More…

FIBArk (Salida, CO)

fibark.com This year marks the 66th anniversary of FIBArk, the nation’s oldest and boldest whitewater festival and Salida’s signature event. Since 1949, every June during the Spring snow runoff, Salida has hosted FIBArk, “First in Boating on the Arkansas.”Located in Salida’s historic downtown, Riverside Park is the center of FIBArk activity and entertainment. Food, arts Read More…